Top Ten Travel Quotes

The Tiny Traveller's Top Ten

 “Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you travelled.” – Mohammed

The reason I work in the travel industry is because I truly think that it is a force for good (and I suppose staying at luxury hotels around the world is always quite fun). Travel, perhaps even more so than formal education, teaches, explains and opens your mind to the many different lives being lived. To experience a place, its people, its history and its stories, can help you to understand things which previously didn’t make any sense, and which seemed so foreign. 

From the time of classical antiquity, those who have travelled far from home have always been associated with knowledge and wisdom. Throughout history adventurers and explorers have set out on epic journeys and returned, often years later, laden with tales of discoveries that those at home could only dream of; everything from spices and jewels to architectural styles…

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